[Trlog] TR4W and Win7 and TenTec

Zivney, Terry L. 00tlzivney at bsu.edu
Sat Dec 26 13:08:32 PST 2009

I bought a net notebook computer with Windows 7 - it loaded and ran N1MM ok with
the TenTec USB-serial cable and TenTec Orions and OMNI VI rigs.  It also loaded and
runs TR4W with the same cable and a FT920 at a club station.  But, it cannot
receive information from either of two Orions and my OMNI VI.  TR4W seems to
send info ok to the TenTec radios (I can change bands, frequencies, and modes) but
TR4W can't seem to receive any data from the TenTec radios.  I have all of the 
power saving settings  turned off (the default on didn't work either).  

Does anyone have any experience with TR4W and Win7 and TenTec radios?

Terry Zivney, N4TZ
N4TZ at arrl.net

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