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Ron, K6KYJ k6kyj at yahoo.com
Thu Jun 25 14:34:06 PDT 2009

Thanks to all who replied so quickly.  As a lifelong believer in KISS, I am dragging out my vintage desktop (with 20 years of contest history and logs) from the storeroom for this weekend's contest. I'll consider the other options mentioned as I try to build a new station by October. 150 mph winds left me with a backyard of rubble, wire, and guy rope.

It's nice to see some familiar callsigns. Three years away from contesting is too long as I am beginning to realize. I'll be the 160/80/75 operator at W6RHC (SV) this weekend.

ron k6kyj
chico ca

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Well, there you go. Two votes to the contrary.

I've used LPT, regular serial, USB-Serial, and WinKeyer keying on TR4W over
the past year without any complaints either from me or from listeners.
Several different rig/computer combinations were tried. The internally
generated Morse sounds perfect to me. 

Most of my contesting hours with TR4W have been using the LPT port output
with relatively modern PCs, however. Mostly Core2 Duos running under XP. I
*believe* the 150MHz PentI keying was good, but I won't trust my memory on

73 de Bob, K6XX

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> The keying does not work well on the TR4W program. I tried 
> it. However, 
> the radio and packet ports work fine.The basic TR log program 
> works just 
> fine on a DOS computer I use.
> 73,
> John,  W4NU

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