[Trlog] CQ160 and version 6.93

LRod at pobox.com LRod at pobox.com
Sun Mar 1 16:06:23 PST 2009

> I don't remember what they mean or do now of course. 

I can help with some of it, if my memory isn't playing tricks:


The "@" kept DOS from displaying the information in that line. ECHO OFF 
kept DOS from displaying any of the subsequent file.

> PROMPT $p$g

If I remember, "$p" caused the active drive/path to be displayed and "$g" 
caused the colon to be displayed. Those two lines above were almost 
automatic for everyone's autoexec.bat.

> PATH C:\DOS;c:\log

Sets the path(s) that DOS will recognize from anywhere (whatever directory 
you happen to be in, no matter how many levels deep, you can still execute 
a command in C:\DOS or c:\log just by typing the (executable) filename. 

I think all the command line commands were not case sensitive. In the 
above line, PATH C:\DOS was probably copied from some existing file and 
c:\log was typed in by the user who didn't bother capitalizing it.

> set TZ=UTC

Automatically converts computer time to UTC.

> LH /L:0;1,42384 /S C:\DOS\SMARTDRV.EXE

Well, the specifics are fuzzy, but "LH" meant "load high" which indicated the 
area above 640K. I suspect the next characters are the initial address and 
the number of bytes to set aside. Don't remember what the switch "\S" did, 
and the path/filename was what was to be "loaded high."

> C:\DOS\smartdrv/c

Causes DOS to load smartdrive (don't remember what the switch "/c" did).

> C:

Returns the user to the root directory upon completion of the batch file.

That's how I remember it.

So, there's really only a couple of things that remain "mysterious"--the 
parameters for loading smartdrv high and the parameter called when 
executing smartdrv. Those should be easy to find on the internet.
73, Rod


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