[Trlog] TR4W Questions

Pete Smith n4zr at contesting.com
Mon Mar 2 04:54:44 PST 2009

The biggest thing TR4W needs is documentation in English - surely there 
must be a Russian emigre' ham who would be willing to take on the task of 
adapting the TR manual and the Russian-language help file to produce an 
English-language user's manual.

Anyone interested can contact the author by e-mail at tr4w at qrz.ru.

73, Pete N4ZR

  At 11:46 AM 3/1/2009, William Liporace - WC2L wrote:
>I figured that I would try here first...  I have not tried SO2R or the
>Windows version of TRLog in a contest yet! I have a pretty much every thing
>configured. The big questions is, can I hook up the ZS4TX Super Combo Keyer
>to be controlled by TR4W? Where is it configured? Has any one translated the
>Russian help file? Any tips or warnings??
>TNX Will WC2L
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73, Pete N4ZR
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