[Trlog] RDXC log editing question

Tree tree at kkn.net
Mon Mar 23 05:52:03 PDT 2009

On Mon, Mar 23, 2009 at 07:33:02AM -0500, Jim George wrote:

> During the Russian DX Contest, I worked two stations in the YR oblast, and 
> for some reason, my Russian domestic file did not include this oblast, so 
> TR would not log these two contacts. I should have realized what was going 
> on and entered another oblast, and edited it later, to put the contacts 
> into the log at the right sequence with the correct serial number, but in 
> the heat of the moment, I didn't, and made a CTL N note in the log at the 
> spot. Since the RDXC uses serial numbers, now I don't know how to go back 
> and inter those two contacts in the log. The Cabrillo log at present does 
> not show the number I transmitted. Does it automatically calculate that 
> from the sequence? My log shows the frequency, not the contact number.
> The question.. is it possible for me to insert those two QSOs back into the 
> DAT file, with the numbers I sent, which are the same as the two contacts 
> which follow immediately? Or do I simply shrug and submit the log "as is" 
> with two NILs for the two Russians, and the loss of two ten point QSOs and 
> one YR multiplier for me?

Not sure how the Russian log checking will deal with that.  However, I would
edit the log AFTER makign the Cabrillo log so that you show the actual numbers
you sent.  Better to have the log match reality (and you did work those guys).


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