[Trlog] TR4W Question

Don McDougall don_w6oa at msn.com
Tue Mar 3 12:35:17 PST 2009

Mike, if you had read the help file you would have found it to be in Russian.


Regarding Keying and LPT. Are you using a computer with only USB ports (no serial or parallel ports)? If so how did you key it as a LPT port via the LPT USB?


73, Don, W6OA/7

Winlock, Wa


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> The TR4W program is pretty simple to setup from what I have seen Will. I 
> downloaded it Monday and did a "fake" Arrl 160 contest with it, and my 
> station is pretty simple. I used the lpt cw keying and rig control for the 
> TS 850. I didn't see anything in Russian. I really didn't even look at the 
> help file, but I would imagine it's in English also, but that's just a 
> guess. In my fake 160 contest, everything worked fine and I logged about 10 
> contacts, then made the Cabrillo file, and no problems. This is using the 
> AMD XP 1700 processor (about 1.5 ghz) 512 meg of ram and Windows XP home.
> I've not tried it under any contest situation yet, but I may give it a go 
> next weekend as long as my .wav files play ok. My voice is shot, so I have 
> to have a working voice keyer or not operate.
> 73 - Mike K9MI

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