[Trlog] TR4W Question

Igor Sokolov ua9cdc at gmail.com
Tue Mar 3 19:31:08 PST 2009

TR4W is still in beta. There is no thing such  as complete manual for the 
program yet. Neither in English nor in Russian. What you see in Russian is 
merely a discription of the additional features of TR4W and there are very 
few of them (network, mp3 recorder). For the most parts of TR4W we all still 
using original TRlog manual.
For those who use to use TRlog for years this presents no difficulties. 
Having said that it would sure be beneficial if someone could translate this 
Russian discription of the new features in English.

73, Igor UA9CDC

> Mike, if you had read the help file you would have found it to be in 
> Russian.
> Regarding Keying and LPT. Are you using a computer with only USB ports (no 
> serial or parallel ports)? If so how did you key it as a LPT port via the 
> 73, Don, W6OA/7
> Winlock, Wa
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>> The TR4W program is pretty simple to setup from what I have seen Will. I
>> downloaded it Monday and did a "fake" Arrl 160 contest with it, and my
>> station is pretty simple. I used the lpt cw keying and rig control for 
>> the
>> TS 850. I didn't see anything in Russian. I really didn't even look at 
>> the
>> help file, but I would imagine it's in English also, but that's just a
>> guess. In my fake 160 contest, everything worked fine and I logged about 
>> 10
>> contacts, then made the Cabrillo file, and no problems. This is using the
>> AMD XP 1700 processor (about 1.5 ghz) 512 meg of ram and Windows XP home.
>> I've not tried it under any contest situation yet, but I may give it a go
>> next weekend as long as my .wav files play ok. My voice is shot, so I 
>> have
>> to have a working voice keyer or not operate.
>> 73 - Mike K9MI
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