[Trlog] Parallel Port CW

Bob Wolbert, K6XX k6xx at ihwy.com
Mon May 11 07:26:09 PDT 2009

As Igor said, that's a very old version of TR4W.

I've been using TR4W almost exclusively for months, beginning with ver
3.something and am getting comfortable with it. That includes using parallel
port keying with my TR-DOS SO2R hardware. Note that you need to install a
parallel port driver if your windoze confuzer runs XP, otherwise the
parallel port won't respond.

Other Keying notes:
1. The paddle input is non-iambic
2. If your PC isn't relatively fast, you may see some keying stutter. My
Core 2 Duo/2.2GHz has ZERO timing issues.
3. The XP parallel port driver is included with the TR4W distribution file.
I *think* it loads automatically. Either way, once it is installed, you
never need to deal with it again when new TR4W versions come out.

73 de Bob, K6XX

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> I recently installed TR4W v1.27 and having  problems keying  my OMNI 6
> Plus from  paralle port 1. It works just fine from regular TRlog.
> This is my first try using the windows version.
> Much thanks in advance for any suggestions..
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