[Trlog] Parallel Port CW

Igor Sokolov ua9cdc at gmail.com
Mon May 11 12:18:48 PDT 2009

My netbook MSI U100 runs on Atom 1.6Ghz processor. Timing issues mainly 
depend on what software is loaded along with XP. If it is just Windows and 
TR4W - timing is OK. Anyway I choose to purchase Microham CW keyer that has 
winkey chip in it. That solved all timing issues forever and gave me iambic 
paddle which I could not do without (plus CAT interface that supports any 
TR4W supports winkey all OK.
Regarding DVK support I am not sure. TR4W has it's own DVK so there is no 
need in external DVK unless one's computer has no sound card.
What I am very grateful to Dmitriy UA4WLI for is that he preserved most of 
the ideology of TRlog in TR4W. That made migration from TRlog to TR4W very 

73, Igor UA9CDC

> As Igor said, that's a very old version of TR4W.
> I've been using TR4W almost exclusively for months, beginning with ver
> 3.something and am getting comfortable with it. That includes using 
> parallel
> port keying with my TR-DOS SO2R hardware. Note that you need to install a
> parallel port driver if your windoze confuzer runs XP, otherwise the
> parallel port won't respond.
> Other Keying notes:
> 1. The paddle input is non-iambic
> 2. If your PC isn't relatively fast, you may see some keying stutter. My
> Core 2 Duo/2.2GHz has ZERO timing issues.
> 3. The XP parallel port driver is included with the TR4W distribution 
> file.
> I *think* it loads automatically. Either way, once it is installed, you
> never need to deal with it again when new TR4W versions come out.
> 73 de Bob, K6XX
> www.k6xx.com
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>> I recently installed TR4W v1.27 and having  problems keying  my OMNI 6
>> Plus from  paralle port 1. It works just fine from regular TRlog.
>> This is my first try using the windows version.
>> Much thanks in advance for any suggestions..
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