[Trlog] Time to upgrade

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Tue May 12 05:37:00 PDT 2009

Hi Steve and Everyone:

I have been successful using the PCI Serial Port cards from Byterunner.com under
MSDOS with TR.  The card that I'm using is the PCI-200L:


I haven't tried it under FreeDOS, but I've used these on half a dozen different
computers under MSDOS.  They work fine and don't require any unique cables or

I haven't been successful getting any of the laptop (PCMCIA) serial cards 
working with MSDOS.  The last one I tried (years ago) worked until I 


Mark, KD4D

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I have done the dual boot/FreeDOS thing with my XP machine. TRLog runs fine, 
except for one big problem - serial ports. I was never able to get my 
after-market PCI serial ports to work with FreeDOS, despite loading the 
manufacturer-provided DOS driver for the serial board. Parallel ports worked 
fine under FreeDOS with TRLog, with the DOS driver. Keep in my that you won't be 
able to you a USB<->serial converter under FreeDOS, either, unless there is a 
trick I don't know about.

TR4W runs fine with my XP machine, including all serial and parallel ports.

Steve, N2IC

Mirko S57AD wrote:
> Can't run TRLog on WinXP machine here. KD4D explained (with easy 
> step-by-step procedures) how to install DOS or FreeDOS to XP machine and 
> run TRLog from DOS.
> 73  Mirko, S57AD
> WG0M at aol.com pravi:
>> Good morning all.
>> I think it is time to upgrade my contest computer from W98SE  to XP.  Can 
>> anyone tell me if TR will like that?  I plan to stay with  version  6.79
>> Mike  WG0M
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