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As with Windows, I'm still learning this reflector rules stuff.  Below was
rejected for too many addressees but went directly to a few.  For the


I *think* you can delete the "virtually" from that judgment, Scott.  We gave
up on trying to use LPT-to-parallel adapters in the N1MM world probably 4
years ago.

As for the CW, I think the issue may be that you need to configure your
logging software to switch RTS and DTR on the second serial port of the
SO2RXLAT, not the same one that delivers the USB protocol signals.  Once you
have done this, the CW and PTT signals will show up on pins 16 and
17 of the parallel plug, which will feed them to the DXD.

Let me know if I can help.

73, Pete N4ZR

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On 6/29/2010 4:24 PM, k0dq wrote:
> Syl,
> Bingo.
> I defer to N4ZR, KD4D, N6TV and other gurus on this reflector but from 
> what I've seen, virtually none of the USB-LPT interfaces are good for 
> more than printer connections.  That's why PIEXX developed the 
> SO2Rxlat to translate between USB and a virtual LPT.
> I have one, it works in N1MM and WINTEST - both of which have 
> implemented the MK2R protocol (at least the radio and headphone 
> switching does, I've not been able to get it to send CW through the 
> LPT yet) - but not at all with TR4W (unless there's a beta version out 
> there compatible with MK2R, rumored to be in the pipeline a year ago).
> Another future possibility is incorporation into TR4W of the YCCC box 
> or the new micro2R box, both of which are roughly the price of a DX 
> Doubler (230 euros for the latter).
> 73
> Scott
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>> work. That's the challenge - getting the LPT pin 14 Radio Select A/B 
>> signal from a USB only computer.
> I have been running TR4W in SO2R with a DX Doubler for nearly a year.
> However, I am using a computer with conventional parallel ports. I am 
> considering moving to a different machine and using USB-parallel 
> interfaces instead.
> Are all or just some USB-parallel interfaces not able to toggle pin 14?
> tnx
> Syl, VE5ZX

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