[Trlog] TR Log

John Harden, D.M.D. jhdmd at bellsouth.net
Mon Jun 28 10:51:57 PDT 2010

I use TR LOG (and CT) with WinTelnetX so I can route internet packet 
spots into either TR LOG or CT. Neither of the DOS programs support 
internet packet and there are virtually no VHF clusters active in the 
Atlanta area.

I have a DOS 6.22 contest computer and a WIN XP computer that is hooked 
to the internet with a full T-1 line at my home QTH. I use a null modem 
cable from COM1 on the WIN XP computer to COM1 on the DOS contest 
computer. The initial setup is a little tricky but it does work rather well.

WinTelnetX is available free on the internet. The trick is to always use 
COM1 on both computers.

I do not operate SO2R but this is a great way to run internet packet 
into these excellent DOS programs. I had problems with the WINDOWS 
version of CT and TR4W for some reason?


John, W4NU
(K4JAG 1959 to 1998)

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