[Trlog] Bad CW Sent from my computer

Michael Gulbranson wg0m at aol.com
Fri Dec 2 18:26:04 PST 2011

Hi All:

I am playing tonight in the contest and am experiencing bad CW sent by my
new computer.  It is dual-boot XP and DOS.  The times I hear the problem is
when in S&P and I hit the "Enter" key to log a contact and send my report.
My report is "5nn MN".  The 5 sounds like either a 6 or T and 5.  The
spacing is not right either.  If I hit the F2 key to send my report all is
well. But, I must wait for the all cw to be sent before I hit CNTL Enter.
Otherwise I get bad CW again.


I have not tried CQ mode yet....a little later tonight.


I recall bad cw sent being discussed a few years ago.  Any ideas?


Michael WG0M



"Any intelligent fool can make things bigger, more complex, and more
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