[Trlog] Fw: TR LOG on an XP Machine

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Fri Feb 10 17:40:37 PST 2012

> 1.   At the end of my dummie contest, after doing the ALT-X/Y and END of
> CONTEST/Y It goes to LOG and allows all of the POST programs, but after I
> close th computer down and then come back, ready to set up a new contest,
> after I have made and changed directory to LOG\(8 Character NEW Contest
> name)  I try to enter TR and it just goes to my previous contest screen,
> not to the contest setup routine. After many tries of slightly different
> flavors I still go only to the old screen. I conclude that either I'm doing
> something wrong or there is an XP glich that I need to learn how to handle.
> I'm hoping that, and quite likely, I'm doing something wrong since
> everything else seems tro be working OK.

Probably the easiest way to start a new contest is this:

Click the windows icon - get to Run and put CMD in the run window.
Now you have a DOS window.
Get into the log directory (cd \log).
Type TR NEW like you would have done on a DOS machine.

This is probably a better way to get to TR in general instead of using the
shortcut on the desktop.

> 2. In the setup process they want to know what port my radio is on.
> Unfortunately I have two items that each want a serial port of which there
> were plenty on the old DOS machine. The newer machine has only one. Is
> there any such thing as a 9 pin db serial to USB adaptor, or a 9 pin db
> splitter with a way to keep the addressing straight ?

I am probably not much help here.  Maybe someone else has experience to
share.  I don't consider XP to be support by TR's I/O.


> Any help will be greatly appreciated.
> Gene / W2LU
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