[Trlog] Flashing mults needed

Mike Wetzel mjwetzel at comcast.net
Sun Aug 4 15:38:27 EDT 2013

Does anyone have a solution to stop the flashing "mult needs" and "QSO
needs" that happens in 6.94, 6.96 and 7.00 after a few hundred QSO's?

Using 7.00 I have 38M of memory showing so don't think it is a memory

The only way I find to temporarily stops this (and it is a little
cumbersome) is to do an "alt-D" then "esc" then it is ok for a short time
then starts flashing again. 

As long as you don't use a big cty.dat file with 6.96 this is the only
negative of TR that I find.


Mike W9RE

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