[Trlog] Winkeyer SMT and sidetone

Kevin Crossett kcrossett at gmail.com
Sun Dec 29 17:52:49 EST 2013

GE, Name is Kevin, KK4LSG. I am new to contesting and find that
Trlog/Trlinux is a great program for my linux machine. I have one question,
though. I just hooked up a new Winkeyer SMT keyer and have successfully
setup the device for use with Trlinux. My only nit is that the Winkeyer's
sidetone is not disabled when using the keyer through the program. It works
flawlessly in CQRLOG, which is my daily logging program. Any ideas on how
to disable the square wave sidetone from the speaker installed in the
Winkeyer? I have successfully disabled it in the standalone mode and turned
off the ST and PTT from the output on WK3TOOLS. Any help would be

Thanks and happy New Year.

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