[Trlog] TRlog / DOS 7.1 / 500Mhz processor / 1 gig memory problem - solved

Paul Erickson va7nt at telus.net
Wed May 29 18:12:49 EDT 2013

Thanks everyone for the replies. It turns out the problem was with DOS 
7.1, and
I was able to solve the issue by replacing DOS 7.1 with Win 98-SE. TRlog
is not running happily in it's own partition, and Linux (MacPup 5.28) is 
available for all the
other chores. I would highly recommend this combination to anyone. I no 
have to rely on floppy disks to move data on and off the machine, and 
running Linux
as root simplifies some of the editing tasks necessary to make Win 98 
more efficient
in this environment.

Thanks again everyone for their time and attention.

cheers, Paul - VA7NT

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