[Trlog] 2016 RAC Winter Contest

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I've used TRLinux (I think it is .44) in the last few RAC contests.
I am pretty sure the mults are correct and counted as such.  There is one
mult that the abbreviation that is sent is not recognized (you need to
change it) it might be VE1, can't exactly remember.  Might be New Found
land.  I'm sure you could modify the .DOM to recognize it easily.  

The RAC stations are scored correctly. 


Mike W9RE

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Once again I come to the group here for help and clarification. 
Currently running release 0.44 of TRlinux and am planning on working a 
few hours of the RAC winter contest in a few weeks. I see they list 13 
multipliers(10 provinces and 3 territories). Are these all correct in 
this 0.44 version and I am good to go? In looking at the P13.DOM, I do 
not see the exact abbreviations as they list on the website highlighted 
in bold below. Do I need to update my DOM file and if yes, what exactly 
is the format to do so?

 From the website: /"The multipliers, with their postal abbreviations 
and prefixes are: Nova Scotia [*NS*] (VE1, VA1, CY9, CYØ); Quebec [*QC*] 
(VE2, VA2); Ontario [*ON*] (VE3, VA3); Manitoba [*MB*] (VE4, VA4); 
Saskatchewan [*SK*] (VE5, VA5); Alberta [*AB*] (VE6, VA6); British 
Columbia [*BC*] (VE7, VA7); Northwest Territories [*NT*] (VE8); New 
Brunswick [*NB*] (VE9); Newfoundland and Labrador [*NL*] (VO1, VO2); 
Nunavut [*NU*] (VYØ); Yukon [*YT*] (VY1); and Prince Edward Island 
[*PE*] (VY2). Certain special Canadian prefixes in use at the time of 
the contest may also apply; however there may be no more than 13 
multipliers on each band/mode. Please use the multiplier abbreviations, 
in square brackets, noted above."/

What about the RAC official stations being worth 20 points?, are these 
listed elsewhere in another DOM or is that something that the official 
scorers will be working out when the log is submitted?/

Thanks for all the help and too those who upkeep this software./

Carlin N5OE/


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