[Trlog] Is there anybody out there?

Tree tree at kkn.net
Wed May 9 13:18:19 EDT 2018

Hi Gang...

Remember me?

Thought I would send out a note and share some news.

I have now operated two contests with the linux version of TR Log.  Again -
big thanks to Kevin, W9CF for porting this over and actually making it
work.  He also documented it well enough that others can make it work.

If you worked K7RAT in the 7QP this past weekend, that was a multi-multi
with Pat, N9RV and myself operating from my new QTH in Manning, Oregon.  We
were running 100 watts - WRTC style.  We will be using TR Log / Linux in
Germany during our WRTC operation.

We have some things we want to add to the program for that effort.  This is
motivating me to FINALLY create an environment where I can compile the
source code Kevin has and put a stake in the ground on other possible

So - for the three of four of you who are using the TR Linux version - you
might find some new features being added at some point - as I hopefully
adopt this program for my own personal use (will I really ever be able to
pull the plug on my old DOS machine?).

73 Tree N6TR

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