[Trlog] 2BSIQ

Tree tree at kkn.net
Fri Aug 5 09:44:17 EDT 2022

All -

I have been busy working on 2BSIQ for a couple of months and it came alive
about a week ago.  Been fixing various bugs and adding some additional
features (like headphone switching).

I will take it out for a spin this weekend in the NAQP.

It appears my implementation will work with the YCCC box as well as the
SO2R mini with my custom firmware.  K5TR has been testing it with the YCCC
box with good results.

If there is anyone who is really interested in playing with it this
weekend, I can send you a copy to try out (no warranty).  There are
probably a handful of features that are missing that I haven't even thought
about yet.

Tree N6TR

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