[Trlog] 2BSIQ

Tree tree at kkn.net
Sat Aug 20 11:01:18 EDT 2022

Thought I would update the few of you here with the latest.

The 2BSIQ code is probably 80 or 90 percent "feature complete".  Of course,
it will never get to 100 percent until we all run out of new ideas.  :-)

The very good news is that it appears to be a stable environment.  Another
piece of good news is that it seems to be running fine with the YCCC SO2R
box according to K5TR.  Personally, I am using the SO2R Mini with my own
firmware - which has been running well for months now.

The very first event with it for me was the NAQP CW and I had the rate
meter up over 200 most of the time until the sunset and I had to go to the
low bands.

At any rate - if anyone here is interested in playing with it - I would be
more than happy to give you a copy and receive your input.

This feature does not require a second computer.  All you need is a second
USB keyboard plugged in.  None of the existing operation should affected by
the changes - until you enter the callsign 2BSIQ and hit RETURN.  Then, you
are taken to a totally new section of the code, although it utilizes much
of the existing software to get the job done.   For example, the existing
code is used for things like the editable call window, function key memory
programming and the Control-J menu.  You are presented with two sets of
call/exchange windows - side by side.  Essentially, the format of the
screen for each "radio" is identical, with the left radio taking up columns
1-40 and the right radio columns 41-80.  All of this is below the Editable
Log window.

I feel that if you are used to TR Log, that adopting the 2BSIQ user
interface is pretty easy.  While I support full headphone automatic
switching, I personally find it easier to just put one radio in each ear
and leave it at that unless I have a weak station to work with.

While it is some time before the next NAQP (a contest that this is made
for) - the weekly CWT events are a great place to practice.  I suppose this
feature can also be used effectively in the CQ WW CW contest and perhaps
the CQP if you are a W6.   Maybe even SS CW during certain circumstances.

It's been fun getting my teeth back into the programming and making it do
something new.  The DOS computer remains turned off.  Hopefully, the
upcoming CW Sprint won't be too difficult for me (first time with the linux
version in the Sprint).

73 Tree N6TR

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