[Trlog] Rig Control Problem

Alan Dove alan at alandove.com
Wed Feb 16 18:45:03 EST 2022

Hey, folks:

Next problem: I can't get rig control to work. TR finds my Winkeyer
without trouble, but apparently my Icom IC-7200 isn't one of the
supported models in the standard TR code - putting "IC7200" as my rig
causes the program to crash, citing an error on that line of
LOGCFG.DAT. Telling it I have an IC781 instead gets past that problem,
but then it's not reading the frequency or changing it.

I tried changing the 7200's CI-V address to the same as the default for
the 781 (26), but that didn't fix it either. So I went to hamlib, which
I already had installed and working for Fldigi and CQRlog.
Unfortunately, after entering the appropriate parameters in LOGCFG.DAT
as described in the documentation, I still don't get any interaction
between the rig and the application. 

I can transmit CW via the Winkeyer (my rig is set up for QSK), but
without receiving frequency information from the rig, the logger
becomes a lot less useful. What else do I need to try to get TR working
with hamlib?

          --Alan (AB1XW)

Alan Dove, Ph.D.
alan.dove at gmail.com

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