[Trlog] Rig Control Problem

w9cf at arrl.net w9cf at arrl.net
Thu Feb 17 00:55:24 EST 2022

Obviously, you should use whatever program you find works best.
I don't have an Icom rig, so the built in Icom code is written from
a combination of Tree's original code and the Icom documentation.
I can test rigctld code with my rig.

If you fire up trlog with the rigctld, you should be able to run
ps -aef |grep rigctld
and see the command that trlog is running. For example with a TS590SG
as radio 1 with its built in USB serial port at /dev/ttyTS590sg_a,
I have the LOGCFG.DAT line:
RADIO ONE TYPE = rigctld;4532;/dev/ttyTS590sg_a;2037;115200;38;timeout=500;
and with trlog running
ps -aef |grep rictld
schmidt  22906 22903  1 17:53 pts/8    00:02:56 /usr/local/bin/rigctld --port=4532 --rig-file=/dev/ttyTS590sg_a --model=2037 --serial-speed=115200 --civaddr=38 --set-conf=timeout=500

With the rig tuned to 3545.00 KHz, I can type
ncat localhost 4532
and then type an f key followed by an enter. ncat replies with
showing that rigctld is working independently of trlog.

If you have hamlib working with rigctld, you can make sure that rigctld
is correctly receiving commands with ncat. If trlog doesn't work then,
it is a bug in the trlog code.  If the ncat doesn't work, it is a problem
in setting up rigctld or hamlib. If the rigctld process is defunct or
not there, then try running it standalone in a terminal and connecting
in a second terminal with ncat to see which command line argument is
incorrect or to let me know if there is a bug.

For what is is worth, my /usr/local/bin/rigctld is symbolically linked to
/usr/bin/rigctld-wsjtx, the slightly modified hamlib 4 version distributed
with the wsjtx source.

73 Kevin w9cf

On Wed, Feb 16, 2022 at 09:34:43PM -0500, alan at alandove.com wrote:
> Hey, folks:
> I'm using TRLinux, and as I mentioned, neither the native Icom control nor the hamlib solution works. Hamlib does indeed seem like the way to go. It just isn't working. 
> In other news, I've also been testing TLF, with which I initially had the opposite problem: rig control (via hamlib) worked, but the Winkeyer didn't. I've now fixed that, so I may just jump ship and use TLF instead. 

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