[Trlog] Latch mode

Tree tree at kkn.net
Thu Jun 2 10:50:39 EDT 2022

Working on implementing Latch Mode with the SO2R mini.

Basically - the way this is supposed to work (I think) is that when you are
transmitting on radio #1, you are listening to #2.  When you are done with
that - you are back to listening to whatever you were listening to before
you started transmitting (which could be radio 1, radio 2 or stereo).

Some thing if you start transmitting on radio #2.

Is there something I am missing?

The actual implementation is going to be a bit more complicated as you can
go into and out of latch mode during the transmission of a specific CW
message (using characters embedded in the CW message).  So you could actual
implement your own custom latch mode using these commands.

So - if you have some kind of message that you want to make sure come out
of in a particular headphone state - it will over-ride what the latch mode
would have told it to do.   That might - or might not - disable latch mode
(need to work out the details).

I can also probably do something different if the CW is being sent from the
paddle...  like not switch the audio to the non-transmitting radio so you
can listen to your sidetone.

Any thoughts about all of this?


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