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James George n3bb at mindspring.com
Thu Jun 2 21:23:02 EDT 2022

The way I recall the wonderful way TR(DOS) worked, if I called an inactive radio CQ on R2 while receiving the exchange on R1, if a station answered on R2, it was possible to get Enter to send the TU on R1 and then after entering the new call sign from R2, the program started sending my exchange on R2 to the new caller after the third character if his call. Thus on a single keyboard, (1) enter to send TU after the R1 QSO…(2) type in the new call, and TR starts my exchange after the third character (if that is setup). That was really sweet. 
Jim N3BB. 
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> On Jun 2, 2022, at 9:50 AM, Tree <tree at kkn.net> wrote:
> Working on implementing Latch Mode with the SO2R mini.
> Basically - the way this is supposed to work (I think) is that when you are
> transmitting on radio #1, you are listening to #2.  When you are done with
> that - you are back to listening to whatever you were listening to before
> you started transmitting (which could be radio 1, radio 2 or stereo).
> Some thing if you start transmitting on radio #2.
> Is there something I am missing?
> The actual implementation is going to be a bit more complicated as you can
> go into and out of latch mode during the transmission of a specific CW
> message (using characters embedded in the CW message).  So you could actual
> implement your own custom latch mode using these commands.
> So - if you have some kind of message that you want to make sure come out
> of in a particular headphone state - it will over-ride what the latch mode
> would have told it to do.   That might - or might not - disable latch mode
> (need to work out the details).
> I can also probably do something different if the CW is being sent from the
> paddle...  like not switch the audio to the non-transmitting radio so you
> can listen to your sidetone.
> Any thoughts about all of this?
> Tree
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