[Trlog] What is Tree up to?

Tree tree at kkn.net
Tue Jun 7 18:57:51 EDT 2022

Well - I have started a rather big project with the code - but what is kind
of neat, is that there is zero risk of it affecting anything you are
currently doing with the program.

There will be a new feature which is enabled by typing the following into
the Call Window and pressing RETURN:


Once you enter this mode - EVERYTHING pretty much will change on the
screen.  To use this mode - you will have to hook up a second USB
keyboard.  You will be executing a new module in the software that will
follow its own rules.  QSOs will likely end up in the same Editable Call
Window like they typically do - but how they get there will be different.

At least at first - the way you get out of this mode is to exit the program
and then restart it.  This mode will also probably require you to use the
SO2R mini (or at least that is the only keyer that I will be doing any
testing with).

Thanks to help from Kevin - I have figured out how to deal with the two
keyboards.  Yes, I could try to do it with one - but most everyone tells me
that this 2BSIQ business is easier with two.

I might be the last to the 2BSIQ party - but I am hoping with the tight
integration with the SO2R mini, that I might be able to do some slick
things that people with two computers can only dream of doing.


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