[Trlog] Update on my progress

Tree tree at kkn.net
Wed May 4 13:59:30 EDT 2022

All - things are happening!!

I have my own program running on an SO2R mini (the NN1C box) which is now
starting to talk to TR Linux and actually send CW.  Things like the auto
start sending and auto call terminate function are working FB.  Still have
to implement the footswitch and SO2R support.  But this is a huge step

Sometime in the next couple of weeks - I will probably release a beta
version of the program for others to test.  It should be totally backwards
compatible with other USB devices.  However, if you are interested in
trying out the new interface, you can get your own SO2R mini for $60
(unassembled) and be QRV when it comes out.

SO2R Mini: SO2R Box In Your Palm – NN1C — Blog, Products, and Productions

I have put a small speaker inside mine to implement a sidetone.  You can
buy a small speaker on Amazon (or rather 4 of them) for about $7.  Easy to
double sided sticky tape on top of the CPU and wire into existing holes in
the PC board.  It isn't very loud - but is nice to have just to play around

We will work to get a link on the TR Linux web page to the latest Arduino
firmware that you can download and keep your SO2R mini up to date.

Once I get things settled with the new keyer - we can start to talk about
what other rough edges are needed for the program.  There are obviously
some new contests out there which need a bit of work to support - along
with new radios.

Feel free to send me a private email with what things you would like me to
focus on.

I am planning on taking my Linux laptop out into the field on Saturday for
the 7QP for the first test run during a real contest.


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