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Wed Mar 9 16:19:57 EST 2005

Hi everyone,

Cambridge University Wireless Society were active as M4A again this year for ARRL DX SSB. 

The contest was good fun, but like everyone else we were affected by the poor conditions on Sunday.  In fact our worst rate was 0 QSOs in 3 hours on Sunday morning!  We had a good run on 15m on Saturday evening, though, so we made a reasonable number of contacts.

The entry was multi-one, but we had no mult station, so the claimed score certainly isn't competitive.  We also lost packet for a couple hours on Sunday evening, just when a few more mults on 40m would have been very useful.

Operators: Martin G3ZAY, Stavros 5B4AFM/M0BBB, Dominic M0BLF, Oli DJ9AO/M0TAO, Tim M0TDG and newly-licensed op Tom M0TJH. 

Brief band-summary:
160M - Great. Score much better than last year
80M - Good.
40M - only half as many QSOs as last year, for no apparent reason
20M - Reasonable, but predictably crowded (probably because the higher bands were so bad)
15M - Good on Saturday evening, poor most of the rest of the time.
10M - Like last year, absolutely nothing at all!

Claimed Score: 956,238
	QSO	Sec
160M	37	16
80M	256	35
40M	243	39
20M	653	54
15M	429	53
10M	0	0
Total	1618	197

Dominic M0BLF.

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