[UK-CONTEST] CC Rule Change

G3RIR g3rir at yahoo.com
Thu Aug 7 04:13:01 EDT 2008


Have you e-mailed the contest committee with your views? According to G3UFY
the only dissenters are DeMontfort University ARS, several members of which
have objected to PSK as not being a suitable contest mode. Since the
inception of CC80, PSK has been an allowable mode but very quickly ops of
all clubs decided largely to ignore it and keep to RTTY as PSK was too slow
(not just data rate but the overall mechanism).

The argument put forward by G3UFY, of the contest committee, seems to be
largely bandwidth based arguing that PSK takes one tenth of the bandwidth of
PSK. Well I use a 250Hz filter on RTTY (about right for 170Hz tone spacing}.
Is it correct that PSK takes only 25Hz bandwidth? I seem to recall that SSB
takes over 2KHz so perhaps we ought to only use CW.

I have not heard of any comments to the contest committee for or against
other than those from DMU objecting.

For the record I am a member of DMU ARS.

Neil, G3RIR

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