[UK-CONTEST] Asus eee PC

Clive Whelan clive.whelan at btinternet.com
Fri Aug 8 12:36:46 EDT 2008

Thanks to all who replied privately and also on this list.

I have now changed my standard desktop machine to Ubuntu Linux, so that 
holds no terror for me. However, and sadly my favourite contest logger, 
viz N1MM, will not run under Linux, and there is no likelihood of it so 
doing in the foreseeable future. Thus I have to maintain a dual boot 
system and revert to Win XP for contests. Even if N1MM did run under 
Linux, the software for the microHam devices will not, and the 
manufacturers are unwilling to devote resources to porting it as " the 
user base is insufficient". In my case the mH MK2R+ and N1MM are 
inextricably linked.

Moving the goalposts slightly, or at least widening them, may I suggest 
that the Linux freaks amongst us exert pressure upon the hardware and 
software vendors/providers to engineer support for Linux in their 
products. In that case we could use an eee PC without modification or 

Full marks to Paul/EI5DI btw for his foresight in so doing with SD.



Clive Whelan wrote:
> Hi list
> Anyone using one of these for contest work?
> If so would appreciate opinions : is the screen big enough; how about 
> the keyboard; how big an HDD ( SDD?) to install XP; which model do you 
> have?; anything else.
> 73
> Clive
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