Bob G3PJT g3pjt at btinternet.com
Fri Aug 8 12:42:42 EDT 2008

Hi Clive,

I am using one I have the 4GB model with XP Use microHam CW Keyer for 
CAT interface and keying. I have over 1.3GB free. after I mounted 

Software is  Win-Test   ( for most contests  I have used both a full 
sized USB keyboard and the Asus one. But when using the Asus I 
reconfigured the keys to use '.' and ',' instead of '+' and 'ins'
For IOTA we used SDI this year.

The screen is small but OK for trips and /P etc. At home I just plug in 
a USB LCD screen but I find you get used to it.
I have a SD card I plug in for an extra gig or just use a USB stick.
Its pretty fast - no disk drive!
I have not used it for digi modes but I don't see why it shouldnt be fine.

It seems very reliable even at 30+C! And you can use the built in WiFi 
for network use too.

73 Bob G3PJT

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