[UK-CONTEST] Off Topic - Stolen Scout Radio Badge Collection - email address correction

David Ferrington, M0XDF M0XDF at Alphadene.co.uk
Thu Aug 21 18:12:47 EDT 2008

And even more sorry that I got the wrong email address in this,
MM0GSS is smudgegs at yahoo.co.uk !

Sorry for this off-topic post and a cross-post at that, but read on  
and you'll see why.

Please could you pass this on to whoever you think fit and publish as  
much as possible, this is a forward from MMØGSS (jenkinhl at worldnet.att.net 
) and I have his permission to pass this on.

A HAM I know, Jochen DK8ZM, is a keen collector of Scout Radio badges  
and had possibly the largest collection anywhere until they were  
unfortunately recently stolen (approx 300 rare badges). Anyone who  
collects radio ephemera will understand the upset this will have  
caused. I would like to politely request everyone to keep an eye out  
and if you hear of any unusual or large numbers of JOTA or radio  
scouting badges appearing then please do let him know (or me and I'll  
pass the message on).

Further to that mail, he sent:
I don't know Jochen well but I was lucky enough to operate from GB100J  
and worked with him there, he's a really nice guy and I know the  
collection was his pride and joy and holds many Scouting and radio  
memories for him so the further we can publicise this the better.  
There are better pictures of the individual badges here: http://www.radio-scouting.de/badges/

I reckon we have the communucations these days to tell the radio and  
scouting world in a very short time so the more people who know the  
better. He's not looking to catch the thief, in typical fashion he  
would just like the collection back. Fingers crossed for a favourable  

73 de M0XDF, K3 #174, FISTS #12575
David Ferrington ASL - 2nd Bracknell Scout Group
If you must play, decide on three things at the start: the rules of the
game, the stakes, and the quitting time. -Chinese Proverb

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