Roger G3SXW g3sxw at btinternet.com
Thu Aug 21 18:46:19 EDT 2008

Dear UK-Contest,
Here are some comments from Ken, K1EA, the new adjudicator of CQWW contests. 
He is aware of the problem and hopes to catch more of these problem logs 
next year.

In all such cases CQWW Committee reminds us that the adjudication process is 
designed to determine the finishing order. It is extremely unlikely that any 
one error would change the rank order of the results. Nothing is perfect but 
the open publishing of all logs is working well to uncover glitches which in 
turn leads to better log-checking.
73 de Roger/G3SXW.

> We try to catch the logs that bust their own call. Usually we see that 
> call causing an unusual number of 'not in log' for other stations. In 
> this case, because he busted his own call as an off by one, we should have 
> caught it with an unusual number of stations busting his call. Also, a 
> close look at the list of submitted logs (5,000 each mode) might have 
> caught it.
> This was in the ssb contest and there are two calls left (we fixed many) 
> that have the problem: SP20VQ (really SP2OVQ) and I0FWD (really IZ0FWD). 
> These both came to my attention after the publishing deadline.
> I changed the OK1DVM.log name to OK3R.log and did a global search and 
> replace to fix his call everywhere. Obviously the change did not stick. At 
> least I noticed this one and *tried* to fix it.
> My one Christmas wish is that every entrant look at his own log with a 
> text editor
> for at least 10 seconds before submitting it!
> - Ken
> 81.3% SP20VQ       (296 of  364) incorrect call in other logs
> 75.7% I0FWD        (318 of  420) incorrect call in other logs 

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