[UK-CONTEST] Product Review

dave at g4buo.com dave at g4buo.com
Tue Aug 26 11:07:29 EDT 2008

Outboard audio equalisers are not, in my experience, a widely-used
accessory. Some modern rigs have the functionality built-in to the
transmit DSP, should it be required. Perhaps there just isn't anyone out
there familiar enough or interested enough in such a product?

Which raises some questions. Who chooses which bits of kit get reviewed in
Radcom? Is this more a case of W2IHY trying to get some free publicity for
his piece of kit? If audio equalisers aren't commonly used, why are we
taking up valuable Radcom space reviewing one?

Dave G4BUO

> In the absence of any response on either the Spectrum Forum or the CDXC
> reflectors this is the 3rd and final time of asking -
> The Radom editor is stuck trying to find a reviewer for the following
> products -
>> Can you help me find a reviewer for these pieces of kit?
>> W2IHY 8 band audio equaliser, iplus and eqplus (www.w2ihy.com
>> <http://www.w2ihy.com/>)
>> I’m looking for someone who understands the audio side of a transmission
> The usual suspects are either too busy, on holiday or dis-inclined so
> can anyone else help please?
> 73
> Colin, G3PSM

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