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Fri Aug 29 15:31:19 EDT 2008


I am "certain" that I made no errors either, particularly because of my 
low QSO count. I can't comment on this particular event, but as a former 
adjudicator, known as "the adjudicator from hell" ;-) , I can tell you 
that you don't necessarily have to have made an error yourself. If s.o. 
else did not log what he really sent ( oh yes it happens not 
infrequently) then you will get dinged anyway, and there is no way the 
adjudicator can deal with that.

That is the most likely reason imo, but there may well be others. It's 
just "one o' dem tings" and we have to grin and bear it, well bear it 
anyway :-(



Tony Roskilly wrote:
> Hi,
> Yes great to have the results so quickly.
> I was somewhat bemused to not be credited with an error free log,  as an ex signint and Marine operator I simply don't accept that I made any errors in reception or transmission at the low speeds and  contact rate in ROPOCO, could someone let me know how "errors" are calculated - sorry if this sounds arrogant but I really don't believe I made any mistakes.
> 73  Tony G3ZRJ
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