[UK-CONTEST] Most Wanted Survey

Roger G3SXW g3sxw at btinternet.com
Fri Aug 29 19:18:40 EDT 2008

Re: DX Magazine Most Wanted Country Survey

You know how important this annual survey is: DXpeditioners and sponsors need to know which are the Most Wanted Countries and to keep this up-to-date annually. Please tick your boxes at:


This year there are two changes. The RTTY column is now called "DIGI". Possibly more importantly, for the first time DX Magazine wishes to collect 'Needs' on the LF bands (160 to 30 metres).

Do please take the time to send in your entry. The quality of the data depends on having the maximum possible number of responses. And by the way, this is not just for the 'Big Guns' - the little DXers provide a valuable picture too.
Many thanks,
73 de Roger/G3SXW.

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