[UK-CONTEST] OT: Windows 7 & N1MM

James Hill jrh at g0fhm.net
Tue Apr 6 11:34:14 PDT 2010

Hi guys,

Just a tentative post here, while I am waiting approval to join the N1MM 

I have today installed Windows 7 on the main shack PC, and N1MM wont 
start. I'm getting "Application Initialise Error 2000" for a start, and 
then a documented Error 91, which is supposedly fixed by downloading and 
registering a .dll file. This file is already there, and I have 
registered it all the same. Still no joy!

I've even tried compatibility mode for XP SP3, but I just get an error 
saying that "Base install 10.0.0 must be installed before this one". Eh? 
it is!!

I had a similar thing with Vista a while back.... and I did the decent 
thing, by formatting it and going back to XP. But I've paid for Windows 

Any thoughts appreciated, preferably direct, to avoid bandwidth/noise on 
the reflector.


James G0FHM

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