[UK-CONTEST] OT: Windows 7 & N1MM

Clive Whelan clive.whelan at btinternet.com
Tue Apr 6 16:16:15 PDT 2010


Private replies are imo generally not a good idea, unless the content is 
trivial, as it may deprive another user of useful info.

If you haven't disabled UAC then you will need to run the prog. for the 
first time as administrator just like in Vista. Just right click the 
prog. and select it from the drop down menu as you did in Vista.

The XP compatible mode is quite separate, so although you can share 
resources such as files etc., just because v 10.0.0 is installed under 
W7 doesn't mean it is in XP mode. For your reassurance I can say that 
N1MM versions >10 work just fine in W7, even 64 bit. Stick with W7 is my 



On 06/04/2010 18:34, James Hill wrote:
> Hi guys,
> Just a tentative post here, while I am waiting approval to join the N1MM
> group.
> I have today installed Windows 7 on the main shack PC, and N1MM wont
> start. I'm getting "Application Initialise Error 2000" for a start, and
> then a documented Error 91, which is supposedly fixed by downloading and
> registering a .dll file. This file is already there, and I have
> registered it all the same. Still no joy!
> I've even tried compatibility mode for XP SP3, but I just get an error
> saying that "Base install 10.0.0 must be installed before this one". Eh?
> it is!!
> I had a similar thing with Vista a while back.... and I did the decent
> thing, by formatting it and going back to XP. But I've paid for Windows
> 7......
> Any thoughts appreciated, preferably direct, to avoid bandwidth/noise on
> the reflector.
> Thanks,
> James G0FHM
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