[UK-CONTEST] Uk activity on VHF

David Ferrington, M0XDF M0XDF at Alphadene.co.uk
Wed Apr 7 01:44:35 PDT 2010

well, hopefully you would have found us :-)
73 de M0XDF

On 7 Apr 2010, at 09:18, Dave Sergeant wrote:

> On 7 Apr 2010 at 3:23, Regwoolley at aol.com wrote:
>> I note as always last night there were great levels of activity from the
>> Manchester area as with Birmingham and a few other place's. However
>> some spots  on the map are almost white noise. For example my old home
>> of S Wales I had not  one QSO! Another area I don't often work is the
>> region north of Manchester to  central Scotland! You may say well that's
>> very rural but there are large area of  population in them such as
>> Newcastle and Carlisle. I wonder if any of you not  the same?
> I wonder if any of you 2m chaps noticed any auroral activity last 
> night. In the past couple of days there has been a huge geomagnetic 
> storm, with the HF bands being totally dead and there has been reports 
> of auroral on VHF. Might have affected things in last nights contest.
> (myself I didn't even listen, though with the HF bands dead I might 
> have found more QSOs there even with my vertical...).

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