[UK-CONTEST] Uk activity on VHF

Regwoolley at aol.com Regwoolley at aol.com
Wed Apr 7 07:27:10 PDT 2010

Ray with all due respect your constant referral to the use of ON4KST is now 
 wearing very thin! I like you do not like this rule. My note  of activity  
has nothing to do with ON4KST. If the lads in Manchester are not 59 into  
Carlisle its time to pack up! There were plenty as always from GM last  night 
and Gordon MM0GPZ was going great guns from the hills! So you  point about 
lack of GM's on the band lacks little evidence! 
Reg G8VHI 
In a message dated 07/04/2010 12:46:17 GMT Daylight Time,  
gm4cxm at yahoo.co.uk writes:

Why the  surprise Reg?
As soon as the 2m/70cm UKAC Cluster/Chat ban came in yet the  M2 multiplier 
remained I warned this would have the greatest implication for  locations 
in the UK away from centres of activity. GM, GI, GW GU/GJ and the  South West 
of England in particular. The nearest "G" I worked last night was  almost 
300Km away!
If the rules remain unchanged then to be honest Reg,  you're just going to 
have to accept that from now forward, 2m/70cm UKAC's are  really England 
Activity Contests in all but name. The "Club" aspect has  certainly upped the 
numbers competing in England so it has become a contest  with high local and 
near local log filling sessions interspersed with a  minority of longer 
distance contacts. Never mind the quality, feel the  width!

73 Ray GM4CXM


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