[UK-CONTEST] Deliberately Corrupting call signs

Colin Wilson colin at sheffield-live.co.uk
Wed Apr 7 08:30:38 PDT 2010


It maybe helpful for our friend Artur to review the Ts&Cs of the CEPT 
T/R61-01 agreement and also to see clause 13, Identification, of section 2 
of the UK Amateur Radio licence. I take it that Artur  SP3CW is just 
visiting the UK and not resident as QRZ.com is showing the following:


TEL: +44 7706949991, QTH : Birmingham, IO92AL

The CEPT agreement suggests that providing Artur is not resident in the UK 
then he can use M/SP3CW, if resident then he should apply for a full UK 
licence.  So two issues here by all accounts.


13 Identification

13(1) The Licensee, or, if this Licence is a Full Licence, then any other 
authorised person

who uses the Radio Equipment, shall transmit the Callsign specified in 
Section 1 of this

Licence and any Modifier applicable under the provisions of this Licence:

Section 1 states the stations callsign and in a word if it does not say that 
his call sign is M3CW then it MUST not be used by him under any 

The CEPT TI~R61-01 (2) states the following for visiting Amateurs.

Amateurs shall transmit their home callsign after:

a The UK callsign prefix "M"

b. followed by the appropriate regional secondary locator (if any); and

c. followed by the symbol "/"

Using the correct full call is not only good operating practice as already 
pointed out it is actually a requirement of the licence!

When I first came to the UK my call was GM/ZB2IP - I don't recall dropping 
the GM/ for any reason, that would be misleading and confusing the station 
being called! Once resident (within 6 months) I had to apply for a UK call. 
Operating the other way round from Cyprus as 5B/SP3CW would you drop the SP 
and be 5B3CW I dont think it would be too long before you got a knock at the 


Colin G3VCQ

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