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Ray James gm4cxm at yahoo.co.uk
Wed Apr 7 17:50:59 PDT 2010

--- On Wed, 7/4/10, Regwoolley at aol.com <Regwoolley at aol.com> wrote:

> There were more in favour of banning ON4KST its called Democracy! I dont like it but you have to accept it!

I don't have to accept it 
The survey you refer to was not generally known about by the whole UK VHF+ contest fraternity as you well know. Nothing in Radcom, nothing on GB2RS. I believe a message to existing VHF contesters when they submitted a log and those on this reflector plus a link on the very bottom of the then VHFCC page that few would go down to the bottom of the page to read did not represent adequate publicity of a survey of national UK VHF contesting importance. Pete has never contested my point that the majority who did subscribe to the survey would be those notified in the JO01/IO91/IO92/IO81/IO82 locators so it goes without saying those who need to attract activity their way the least via systems like the DXCluster and ON4KST would vote against it as well as retaining M2 when they are (mostly) best placed to take advantage of picking up EU multipliers the majority of the UK have no chance of.   
You may call it democracy. I call it a flawed and biased survey and considering what you wrote or copied me in personally at the time, am aghast you appear so "pro" now.

> you did state its an ENGLISH contest! 

No. I said it was an England Activity Contest in all but name.
Just look at the current 227 cumulated 2m UKAC entries for Jan, Feb, March.

Northern Ireland:2

It's an England Activity Contest in all but name!

> Bolton if my Geography is correct is in Northern England!

Never said it was Reg. The point I was making is that we're now in the situation of UK VHF contesting when one radio club in England can muster more entries than 3 UK countries put together. I could easily have said Trowbridge (18), Harwell (18), Cray Valley (14), Bittern (10) and more.

CXM wrote: 
> If I  am correct then don't EVER tell me and the other
> contesters here that my  complaints are "wearing thin" when I have the best interests of "ALL" UK  Countries VHF+ contesting and general activity at heart.
VHI wrote: 
> Yes Ray with Respect your comments are wearing thin.
> Whatever rules are in place its hard to win from GM. 

Wrong angle again Reg and tough if it's wearing thin.
Any point I make is not about at making it any easier for any GM station to win a VHF+ contest but to encourage greater UK national participation.
If a G, GM, GI, GW, GD, GU or GJ wins a contest overall or a particular month in events like the UKAC then it should be by merit without rule advantage. I'm all for operator skill, equipment, location and band conditions to be a deciding factor but the M2 multiplier throws distortion and bias into the equation that effects everyone. Dropping M2 is only a start. Things have now got so bad outside of England that I strongly believe some type of national/regional multiplier is needed and despite having written the same thing for 2 or 3 years (HI) we need bums on seats not just in Newcastle and Carlisle but Londonderry, Lerwick, Stornaway, Aberystwyth, Swansea, Truro and St Helier to name a few.       

> Theses are my own views and not those of the RSGB or any of its committees 
> Reg G8VHI

Unusual thing to write Reg unless you've now filled one of the many contest committee resignation gaps. Would this explain the singing from a different hymn sheet than what was previously emailed to me personally or copied in? 

73 Ray GM4CXM


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