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>  Ray with all due respect your constant referral to the use of ON4KST is 
now  wearing very thin! I like you do not like this rule. 

I'm sorry Reg but  I fail to comprehend how on the one hand you feel my 
comments on the  unilateral RSGB Contest Committee ban on ON4KST use is wearing 
thin yet in  your next sentence you write you don't like the rule either. 
Also, if you're  going to quote me then please note I also stated the 
DX-Cluster and the killer  M2 multiplier that puts the majority of the UK at a 
disadvantage, thereby  extinguishing interest the further out you get from the 
South East of England  in a UK Activity Contest. Therefore it has become an 
England Activity Contest  in reality. 
There were more in favour of banning ON4KST its called Democracy! I dont  
like it but you have to accept it! 

> There were plenty as always from GM last night and  Gordon MM0GPZ was 
going great guns from the hills! So you point about lack of  GM's on the band 
lacks little evidence! 

Hmmmmm..I never said ANYTHING  about a lack of GM's on the band last night!
I certainly worked MM0GPZ/P,  GM4JR and GM4AFF though I now know GM4DIJ and 
GM8OEG were also active. Also  GM6JTJ on a vertical as Dave's now given up 
on 2m in favour of HF and sold his  2m yagi. 
you did state its an ENGLISH contest! 

If you're really looking for evidence Reg then please come  back and report 
here after the results are published and lets put your "plenty  of 
activity" comment to the test and lets see who is right or wrong. With hand  on 
heart GM4CXM considers that the Bolton Wireless Club will have more entries  in 
the 2m UKAC than the total of UK countries of Scotland, Northern Ireland  
and Wales put together.

Bolton if my Geography is correct is in Northern England! Not SOUTH EAST! 

If I  am correct then don't EVER tell me and the other contesters here that 
my  complaints are "wearing thin" when I have the best interests of "ALL" 
UK  Countries VHF+ contesting and general activity at heart.

73 Ray  GM4CXM

Yes Ray with Respect your comments are wearing thin. Whatever rules are in  
place its hard to win from GM. Oh and yes I have been out /p in GM!. A 
typical  example is GM4ZUK Allan puts on a very competitive station but its rare 
he wins.  The fundamental problem is you will never please all the people 
all of the time!  I am just as hacked off about some of the rules but I just 
get on with it! 
My point was also nothing to do with ON4KST its was more about working  
loads in io83,93 then almost nothing until the central belt of Scotland. A 
large  part of that falls under a banner called ENGLAND! 
Theses are my own views and not those of the RSGB or any of its committees 

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