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Sun Apr 11 01:21:33 PDT 2010

But what about the maxim of logging (exactly) what you hear..?

I don't agree with it's use either but have assumed I'll lose points if the software doesn't see a match between sent and logged call; I wouldn't expect the software or adjudicators to be able or willing to make the distinction. Why lose a point just to make a point?

/qrp simply indicates you are imposing operating limits on yourself; some of the several US /calls I've logged include W1AA/CC (Marconi) and another /MD for IMD. My logging software (ofcourse) called these wrongly for DXCC and I had to manually intervene but I left the verbiage in since they seemed integral at the time.


Stewart, GW0ETF/low wire doublet for all bands

--- On Sat, 10/4/10, Nigel G3TXF <nigel at G3TXF.com> wrote:

> Rightly or wrongly I (virtually) never put "/QRP" into a
> log, be it on a DX-Ped or in a Contest. Several stations,
> such as HB9FAX just love sending /QRP in all sorts of
> circumstances. HB9FAX was around in a recent 80m CC too.
> But
> no, I didn't put "/QRP" into my log. "/QRP" is not part of
> the callsign. It's just a largely irrelevant item of
> time-wasting verbiage by the sending station.
> I would expect that any "good quality contest adjudicating
> software" would simply ignore any "/QRP" stuff at either
> end
> of the QSO. [Even if the contest adjudicating software
> doesn't ignore "/QRP", I will continue to do so, and
> happily
> lose points as a result - thanks!]
> 73 - Nigel G3TXF/QRO

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