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Sun Apr 11 03:10:03 PDT 2010

I tend to agree with all your points Paul, specially in these days where 
we need to save time! If we logged everything as sent we would lose a 
lot of points. If someone sends TT1 do we log it as TT1?  What about 
Zone 9 in CQWW - ENNN - ? or in recent years, zone 34 sent as ENN3V. In 
the FOC Marathon I always send my number as A4A7.

What about on SSB and a US station signs Portable 5? I have actually 
seen contest logs where that was entered as /P5 and the multiplier for 
North Korea claimed!!

The /QRP point though is whether the station submits an entry. If he/she 
doesn't then either the checking s/w or the final adjudicator can decide 
on a majority basis. If the station does submit an entry my guess would 
be that they would declare the true licence callsign, ie without the 
/QRP. That is another reason why I would not log it.

Chris G3SJJ / Fixed Portable (well the K3 can be carried around) / 
Temporarily lower power (the amp is switched off)

ps - Had to smile this morning, listening to an RW9 on 15m in the 
Gagarin Contest, presumably. Unanswered CQs, his callsign sent 3 times 
each CQ, yet Test speeded up!! Ah, of course, to save time!! (Erm, for 

Paul O'Kane wrote:
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> From: "Stewart Rolfe" <gw0etf at btinternet.com>
>> But what about the maxim of logging (exactly) what you hear..?
> It doesn't apply in contests.  You log what the other station
> should have sent - with the notable exception of RoPoCo.
> Anyway, back to the /QRP issue.  Why can't QRP callers earn
> their QSOs on the same terms as anyone else, and not beg for
> special treatment by appending /QRP to their call?
> I don't say it, send it or log it, and will work any other
> callers in preference to anyone signing /QRP.
> 73,
> Paul EI5DI
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