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There is no universal answer as every contest organiser/adjudicator will
take their own position on this.

For the IOTA contest, which I manage, we match callsigns. As /QRP is not, in
our view, part of the callsign, we strip it off and ignore it.

The bigger problem is the way people log /P. To give some examples:

NK1G/5 can end up being logged as NK1G/P/5, NK1G/P5 (now that's a rare
one!), NK1G/P, etc.

Then there are those irritating logging programs that insist that G3XTT/VP9
can only be logged as VP9/G3XTT.

It all makes life a nightmare for the writer of adjudication software!!


On 10 April 2010 22:01, Alex GM3ZBE <alex at gm3zbe.plus.com> wrote:

> Hi
> In the last 80M CC CW contest I worked a YU who signed /qrp.  Should I
> log him as  YU***/qrp, since that was what he sent?  If I don't do I
> lose the point?  Presumably his entered callsign for the contest is not
> deemed to be suffixed /qrp?
> Alex
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