[UK-CONTEST] UK-Contest Digest, Stupid Phonetics

Ken Eastty ken.g3lvp at btinternet.com
Sun Apr 11 08:36:01 PDT 2010

> On 11 April 2010 13:44, Chris G3SJJ<g3sjj at btinternet.com>  wrote:
>> Yeah, I just can't get the hang of this new fangled Germany Three or
>> Mexico Zero stuff. Golf Three or Mike Zero always fitted in my logging
>> software but the new stuff doesn't!
>> 73 SJJ

Too right Chris,

I can't understand why some stations use 'Germany' as the phonetic for 
'G'. If anyone had done that when I was first licensed they would 
probably have been carted off to the Tower of London with echoes of 
"Germany Calling" still in people minds.
Using a 'country' phonetic which has no connection with where the 
station is located makes no sense at all unless the person concerned has 
visions of being the next Tony Hancock.
I try to stick with standard ICAO phonetics for all their failings it's 
bad enough having to remember not to use my own callsign when aviating 
without using non-standard phonetics, the other day I only just stopped 
myself signing off with RAF Valley with '73'!



George 3 London Victor Peter...

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