[UK-CONTEST] UK-Contest Digest, Stupid Phonetics

James Hill jrh at g0fhm.net
Sun Apr 11 08:41:02 PDT 2010

On 11/04/2010 16:36, Ken Eastty wrote:
> Too right Chris,
> I can't understand why some stations use 'Germany' as the phonetic for
> 'G'. If anyone had done that when I was first licensed they would
> probably have been carted off to the Tower of London with echoes of
> "Germany Calling" still in people minds.

I dont know about this one..... sometimes I have trouble with "Golf Zero 
Foxtrot Hotel Mike".....

Particularly with G stations, I usually find that "Fat Hairy Minger" 
seems to get them to copy it correctly, after a few goes "properly".


James G0FHM

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