[UK-CONTEST] Phonetics

Keith Maton g6nhu at me.com
Mon Apr 12 10:35:09 PDT 2010

If anyone can suggest phonetics that stop people swapping the first two letters of my callsign then I'd love to know.

When I operate from home and use S&P during contests I would say that probably 30-40% of the time I will call with a strong clear voice, making sure I enunciate my callsign properly using standard phonetics and the reply will come back:

"Golf six *pause* hotel november uniform"

As soon as there's a pause I can pretty much be sure I'm going to have to correct the other person.

An alternatives that has exactly the same effect is Germany six Norway Honolulu United.

I've not tried the localised Essex version yet of Galleywood six Nevendon Harwich Upmister but I think that'd just cause even more confusion :)

Keith, G6NHU
Martello Tower Group, G0PKT

On 11 Apr 2010, at 22:56, john reynolds wrote:

> It is interesting to learn that I am not alone in using other phonetics in preference to "GOLF".........I find "GERMANY" is copied much easier than "GOLF when there is heavy QRM.
> I would be interested to learn if I am alone in copying "E" when someone has given "XRAY" in a call sign...........it sounds as if it should be "E" for "XRAY".
> SSB is not my favourite mode,I hasten to add.
> John G3RSD
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