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Tue Apr 13 06:18:38 PDT 2010

Alex, best keep the two things separate. SO2R is a single operator setup 
where you have two stations used by one operator. The others are where 
you have two or more stations simultaneously operated by two or more 

Perhaps the easiest way is to describe what I have here. Most of the 
peripherals I collected a few years ago during our IOTA Contest GU8D 
days so the outlay has been spread over a number years. The main station 
is now my K3 and Acom 1000 amp. Antenna selection is automatic via a 
Topten band decoder, which also switches a Dunestar 600 bandpass filter, 
which is placed between the K3 and the amp rf line. A 7 way DC control 
cable goes from the decoder to the antenna relay switch, as does the 
station A rf coax feed.

The second station is my original but modded FT1kMP which is probably 
about 12-15 years old now. I don't own a 2nd amp! It also has a Topten 
band decoder and Dunestar filter, plus a separate 7 way control cable 
and its own station B coax feed to the remote antenna switch.

The two things that make SO2R work are firstly at the antenna area there 
is a WX0B Six Pak unit. This contains 6 pairs of change-over relays with 
lock-out cctry. So two coax lines and two sets of control lines in, plus 
six antennas out. Station A can't use the antenna station B is using.

At the operating end there is a Topten DX Doubler SO2R controller. Mic, 
key and PTT cables go to each radio, plus headset/mic input. You can 
select various combos either from your logging s/w or manually.

Look here for more info  http://www.qth.com/topten/   Application note 6 
also shows the SixPak connections.

Hope that helps. Others can describe M1, M2 etc

Chris G3SJJ

Alex GM3ZBE wrote:
> Hi
> Where can I get a clear explanation of SO2R. MULTI ONE, MULTI TWO etc?  
> I know what they mean literally, but thinking in terms of equipment and 
> control exactly what each requires?
> A dummies guide I suppose!
> Alex
> Callum MØMCX wrote:
>> I have the MK2R+ and James has a plain vanilla Microham. James (M0YOM)  
>> seems to be the only one that can work out how to program them both.
>> Yes, they do exactly what they say on the tin. I have also tried the  
>> EZmaster. I'm afraid I can't recommend since after struggling for a  
>> year, I finally got my money back. Comparing the two; Microham wins my  
>> vote.
>> Be aware that genuine SO2R can be a drain on your time (and money)  
>> since fault finding seems to take eight times as long and resources  
>> are thinned (filtering, rf issues, logging programs etc add up to a  
>> massive drain). Of course, you need more antennas too (not a bad thing  
>> though!).
>> I'd go as far as suggesting that even M2 us slightly easier to make  
>> operational than SO2R. At least if one station falls over, it doesn't  
>> pull the other one down.
>> All good fun though :)
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